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The word has been given--The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All has gone to print and should be in the world by mid to late August.
 Thank you to Janet Reid for her tireless efforts on my behalf, and thank you to my readers for your patience.


Nothing new to report about the latest collection. Amazon ship dates are complete guesses. I've been asked about the title The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All--credit goes to John Langan.  A few years back he'd used that as a working title for a very creepy cosmic horror story. Ultimately, the title changed and I asked if it would be all right to borrow it...and so it went. Meanwhile, I'm editing a novelette for Steve Berman called "Ardor", work continues on the crime novel, and the Alaska collection is basically finished. Sisyphus roll that boulder...  Me

Median Lethal Dose

In a few days I'm going to release an original and unpublished short story here on LJ. It's a thank you to my readers for hanging in there while the mess with my new collection gets sorted. Watch this space.

Mace in the Dark

Turmoil is good for production, at least. Sold a story called "Termination Dust" to Ross Lockhart recently. My first slasher. Features Jessica Mace, an anti-heroine I'll be writing about again. A short story called"Nemesis" will be arriving in the premiere issue of Primeval later this summer.  Working on a sequel to Hand of Glory and am far along in the crime novel. Athena has recovered from her latest cancer bout and is keeping me company while I work.

Hasn't been the best of times, but I'm plugging away.

Development Hell

My publisher, Night Shade Books, is entertaining an offer to buy its assets. That has resulted in complications regarding my various NS titles, including The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All. Per my original statement on Facebook:

I appreciate the kind words regarding the situation with Night Shade and my new collection. I don't have any new information, but am certain that will change in the days to come.

Meanwhile, I just want to thank my readers and fans. I am saddened that the ongoing delay of release has affected preorders. My hope is that all will be resolved in a positive manner--meanwhile, I'm sorry this is affecting the folks who've loyally supported me over the years.

Thank you to Ross Lockhart, John Adams, Marty Halpern, and Claudia Noble. Ross in particular has been a stalwart advocate for many authors.

Finally, thanks to my agents Janet Reid and Heather Evans who are exhibits A & B of why an author needs representation.

More when there's more to tell.


Among the many things I'm working on, thought I'd try my hand at a slasher. Opening para or three:

Tyson Langtree’s last words: “I tell you, man. Andy Kaufman is alive, man. He’s alive, bigger than shit, and cuttin’ throats. He’s Elvis, man. He’s the king of death.” This was overheard at the Caribou Creek Tavern on a Friday night about thirty seconds before bartender Lonnie DeGrasso tossed his sorry ass out onto a snowbank.

Nobody has seen the old boy since then. Deputy Castlemaker found a lot of blood in Langtree’s bed, though. Splattered on the wall, the ceiling of his shack on Midnight Road. Hell of a lot of blood. That much blood and no corpse, well, you got to wonder, right? Got to wonder why Langtree didn’t just keep his mouth shut. Everybody knows Andy Kaufman is crazy as a motherfucker.  He been whacking fools since ‘84.

I think Langtree’s last words were actually, “Please don’t kill me, E!” Yeah, I know that’s what they were.

                                                                                                                                                 --Termination Dust

Upcoming work

Here's a list of my stories appearing between now and mid 2013:

"Man with No Name" & "The Blood in My Mouth" to ST Joshi for upcoming anthologies
"Nemesis" to Primeval, a new magazine debuting in 2013
"More Dark" to Revelator
"Blood & Stardust," to JJ Adams for The Mad Scientist's Guide to World Domination
Gamma" Fungi anthology
"Black Dog" to Paula Guran for an upcoming anthology
"The Beatification of Custer Poe" to Steve Berman for an upcoming anthology
"Jaws of Saturn" original story in The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All collection
"Note Found in a Glenfiddich Bottle," afterword to John Langan's forthcoming collection The Wide, Carnivorous Sky and Other Monstrous Geographies

And The Beautiful Thing That Awaits Us All will hit the shelves in April of 2013. More to come.


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